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A lot at your disposal

Value Research's portfolio-monitoring system - My Investments - has a lot to offer. Here's a glimpse of some of its most interesting features - Analysis & Tax.

A lot at your disposal

In the previous part of the story, we learnt about the Performance feature present in the My Investments section of our website. This story is all about the Analysis and Tax features also present in the aforementioned section.

This page delivers a much deeper level of algorithm-driven insights to help you learn what is right and what is wrong with your investments. The entire format is divided across six broad themes, namely Immediate Actionable, Suitability, Quality, Liquidity, Diversification and Composition. What you see here are the aggregates but you have the option to drill down to the holding level by clicking on the 'see details' link.

Calculating capital-gain tax is an arduous task for a lot of investors but not for the users of our 'My Investments'. You get a detailed calculation of your realised and unrealised gains for every holding, both short-term and long-term, for each financial year since you have started investing. You can also download your capital-gain statement in exactly the same format as you get from the registrar and transfer agents (RTAs), which makes filing your income-tax return (ITR) a breeze. But besides dealing with tax compliance, this information also helps you make informed decisions about exiting from your funds or re-balancing your portfolio, keeping the tax incidence in mind.

Go check it out!
We can go on about its features but as they say, 'the proof of the pudding is in the eating'. So, go ahead and check it out yourself to get amazed by its capabilities. Getting started is a breeze with the all-powerful 'Upload Investments' feature.

If you are already using it, perhaps this story brings forth some of the features you didn't know about or helps you interpret them in a different light.

Note that some of the features described here are reserved for the Value Research Premium members only. But even the free version of the tool equips you with the kind of information that is hard to get elsewhere. Try it out yourself. More power to you!

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