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Welcome to the New Value Research!

Track your investments effortlessly. Find out the good, the bad and the ugly. Discover what works best for your needs

Welcome to the New Value Research!

Value Research Online has a host of features to plan and track your investments (in mutual funds, stocks NPS and many others) that will help you plan better, track accurately, and fix the problems in your investments.

To get started, go to our completely overhauled 'My Investments' section, which was earlier called 'My Portfolio'. My Investments now has an ease of use and a set of world-beating features that are simply unmatched by any other investment tracker, and it's free!

No data entry! Best of all, you do not need to do any data entry. Our algorithms ensure perfect automated imports from the Combined Account Statement issued by CAMS.

Here's what you get:

  • Track mutual funds, stocks, NPS, or fixed deposits.
  • Automatic entry of SIP, SWP and STP transactions
  • Automatic entry of dividends, splits, and bonuses.
  • View returns (or any other report) as of any date and for any custom period of time.
  • Internal rate of returns for any investment, type of investment, and the entire portfolio
  • Accurate computation of capital gains tax liability, both short-term and long-term.
  • Tax calculation on real transactions, as well as hypothetical (what if).
  • Compare your returns with a market index, or with inflation.
  • Here's something that only desktop software has: you can 'Undo' your actions if you make a mistake.
  • Copy investments under a label, or merge two labels into one, or split one into many. This gives you unmatched power to manage and organise your investments. And there's 'Undo' to save you if you make a mistake.
  • You can go back and edit any entry you have made in your investments--the whole history will adjust automatically.
  • Overseas investors can see their investments in a number of different currencies. They can switch the entire view between INR, USD, GBP, EUR or AED.

This is just the 'My Investments' tracking system. There's a lot more:

A Unified 'Knowledge Center'

We now have a unified 'Knowledge Center' with sections on 'Getting Started', 'Investing for Growth', 'Investing for Income', Tax, and Insurance.

Discover the Investments that are best for you

Our new goal-driven Fund Selector toolset can be used for just about any kind of mutual fund research and selection task that you may have.

A comprehensive new 'Stocks' section

Stocks are now a first-class citizen on Value Research Online. Go to the new section and just as for mutual funds, be prepared to never look at any other Indian stocks-related site.