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Tax Planning

Tax Planning

Looking to save tax? Here's how to make the most of your Section 80C limit

Tax-saving Guide

Cut your tax bill. Learn about tax-efficient investments and strategies to save tax.


Plans, planning and panic

Having an investment plan saves you from random reactions and blind panic


Investment taxation becomes even more important

Over the last few years, tax-oriented planning of investments and redemptions has become much more important. Unfortunately, many investors haven't realised this and are paying unnecessary taxes.


New tax regime: Are long-term capital gains up to Rs 1 lakh exempt from tax?

Let's understand how are long-term capital gains on equities and mutual funds taxed


Small tax-payers have a reason to celebrate

Marginal tax relief for incomes exceeding Rs 7 lakh in the new tax regime


What are the new rules for taxing capital gains on debt mutual funds?

Let's understand the new tax rules for debt mutual funds and how capital losses are set-off


Do I have to report gains when there is no tax liability?

Let's understand when you are required to report capital gains and/or pay taxes in case of capital gains from mutual funds


What are the tax implications of an SWP in mutual funds?

Let's understand how mutual funds are taxed when you opt for a systematic withdrawal plan


Tax break for paying insurance premium for married son. Possible?

Let's understand if it is possible to receive a tax deduction for paying insurance premiums for a married child


A legal hack to further reduce your taxes

Let's weigh the pros and cons of HUF and see if saving tax through this route is worth it


Distinguishing TDS and TCS

Simplifying tax collected at source (TCS) for you


Should you 'invest' in an insurance plan before April to get tax-free returns?

We'll also tell you what kind of insurance plan you should buy, and which investment options are better than those being (mis)sold by insurance agents


Does the indexation benefit apply to investments made before March 31?

Let's determine whether investments made after the ultimate date will receive the tax advantage


Beat the unfair tax on debt funds

A tax shock is coming the way of debt fund investors soon. Let's discuss how to deal with it.


How are NCDs taxed?

The taxation of NCDs or non-convertible debentures depend on the types of income that they generate


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Dive deeper

Further resources to help you deepen your understanding.

Breaking down the balance sheet

Since the balance sheet brings a critical perspective to investors, it is important to understand this financial statement inside-out. Read this ebook to understand more about the fundamental balance that has to be maintained between the quantum of money that a company owns and owes.

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