Tax Planning

Tax Planning

Looking to save tax? Here's how to make the most of your Section 80C limit

Tax-saving Guide

Cut your tax bill. Learn about tax-efficient investments and strategies to save tax.


NPS can save you additional tax, and more

Besides tax, we explore if it is worth investing extra Rs 50,000 in NPS


Confused between old and new tax regime? Here's the ultimate guide

As the new financial year rolls in, it is time to evaluate which tax regime to opt for


How to reduce tax in the new tax regime

If you thought you don't get tax deductions anymore, you are in luck


Last-minute tax planning? Here's where you should invest

Don't blindly put your money in any random tax-saving investment option. But worry not, here's a quick guide.


Moving from stocks to mutual funds: A tax-efficient guide

Things to keep in mind while navigating the transition


Clearing tax haze of emerging investment avenues

We look at how multi-asset funds, NPS Tier 2, SGB and dividends from foreign stocks are taxed


Which ITR form do you need to fill?

We look at forms that are applicable to salary or pension earners


Will I be taxed twice for protecting the money needed to reach my long-term goal?

You will be but that doesn't mean you pay twice the taxes. Plus, there's merit in protecting your hard-earned wealth.


The final call to lower tax outgo this financial year

FY24 is drawing to a close on March 31. If you haven't made your tax-saving investments yet, here is a quick summary of your 80C options to reduce your taxable income.


What happens if you don't declare your foreign investments?

Declare the dough in your IT-returns or face the slammer, warns the taxman


Tax harvesting can help you save tax. Should you do it?

Unfortunately, it's not worth the effort. We tell you why.


NPS still holds tax benefits for those under the new tax regime

New tax regime individuals can apply for tax deductions if their employer is also contributing to their NPS


How does the transfer of shares get taxed?

Things to keep in mind while transferring shares


Four ways to save tax on long-term capital gains

Keep more of your money with these smart strategies to reduce your tax liability


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