Investing for Income

Investing for Income

The Value Research way of earning dependable income from your investments.

Income-generating Guide

Gain financial security. Discover how and where to invest to generate regular income from your investments.


How to set up systematic withdrawal from NPS?

Here's how you can choose different fund managers for each asset class and set up systematic lumpsum withdrawal in your NPS account


Setting up an SWP for regular income? Here's what to expect

We assess four fund types to ensure you don't fritter away your hard-earned money


NPS has been superior to EPF. Is it time to switch?

We compare the duo's 15-year performance and then explore if a switch is even possible


NPS vs PPF vs EPF: The best retirement investment option

We put the three solutions through the paces on the NPS's 15th anniversary


SCSS becomes more attractive. Here's what retirees should do

Since SCSS has an upper investment limit, the rest of your retirement corpus needs to be put in investment options that are safe and productive


Are the new rates applicable to existing SCSS accounts?

Read on to know if the revised interest rates will prevail for the old SCSS deposits


Can I extend my SCSS account's maturity period months after its expiry?

Senior Citizen Savings Scheme (SCSS)'s maturity period can be extended within one year from its date of expiry


How to calculate capital gains tax in an SWP?

Systematic withdrawal plans or SWPs are subject to tax and it depends on the type of funds you are withdrawing from


How do mutual funds distribute dividends to investors?

Let's understand the dividend distribution system when it comes to mutual funds


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