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New Fund Offers

Fund name Category Type Issue Open Issue Close Min. Investment Tenure Maturity date Term
ABSL Business Cycle Fund Dir-G | Invest OnlineEQ-THEMATICOpen-ended15-Nov29-Nov500------
ABSL Business Cycle Fund Reg-G | Invest OnlineEQ-THEMATICOpen-ended15-Nov29-Nov500------
ABSL NASDAQ 100 FOF Dir-G | Invest OnlineEQ-INTLOpen-ended15-Oct29-Oct5,000------
ABSL NASDAQ 100 FOF Reg-G | Invest OnlineEQ-INTLOpen-ended15-Oct29-Oct5,000------
ABSL Nifty IT ETF-G | Invest OnlineEQ-ITOpen-ended20-Oct28-Oct500------
DSP NIFTY 50 Equal Wght ETF-GEQ-LCOpen-ended18-Oct29-Oct5,000------
HDFC NIFTY Next 50 Index Fund Dir-G | Invest OnlineEQ-LCOpen-ended22-Oct29-Oct5,000------
HDFC NIFTY Next 50 Index Fund Reg-G | Invest OnlineEQ-LCOpen-ended22-Oct29-Oct5,000------
ICICI Pru Consmpn ETF-G | Invest NowEQ-ConsumptionOpen-ended18-Oct25-Oct1,000------
ICICI Pru Smallcap Index Fund-G | Invest NowEQ-SCOpen-ended14-Oct27-Oct100------
ICICI Pru Smallcap Index Fund Dir-G | Invest NowEQ-SCOpen-ended14-Oct27-Oct100------
ITI Pharma and Helthcr Fund Dir-GEQ-PharmaOpen-ended18-Oct01-Nov5,000------
ITI Pharma and Helthcr Fund Reg-GEQ-PharmaOpen-ended18-Oct01-Nov5,000------
LIC MF Balanced Advtg Fund Dir-G | Invest OnlineHY-DAAOpen-ended20-Oct03-Nov5,000------
LIC MF Balanced Advtg Fund Reg-G | Invest OnlineHY-DAAOpen-ended20-Oct03-Nov5,000------
PGIM Ind Global Select Real Estate Securities FoF Dir-GEQ-INTLOpen-ended15-Nov29-Nov5,000------
PGIM Ind Global Select Real Estate Securities FoF Reg-GEQ-INTLOpen-ended15-Nov29-Nov5,000------
ABSL FTP TM (1842D) Dir-G | Invest OnlineDT-FMPClosed-end13-Oct27-Oct1,0001842--More than 1 Year
ABSL FTP TM (1842D) Reg-G | Invest OnlineDT-FMPClosed-end13-Oct27-Oct1,0001842--More than 1 Year