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New Fund Offers

Fund name Category Type Issue Open Issue Close Min. Investment Tenure Maturity date Term
Bhrt Bond ETF-April 2025 Reg-G | Invest OnlineDT-MDOpen-ended14-Jul17-Jul1,001--Apr-25--
Bhrt Bond ETF-April 2031 Reg-G | Invest OnlineDT-LONG DOpen-ended14-Jul17-Jul1,001--Apr-31--
Bhrt Bond FOF-April 2025 Dir-G | Invest OnlineDT-MDOpen-ended14-Jul17-Jul1,000--Apr-25--
Bhrt Bond FOF-April 2025 Reg-G | Invest OnlineDT-MDOpen-ended14-Jul17-Jul1,000--Apr-25--
Bhrt Bond FOF-April 2031 Dir-G | Invest OnlineDT-LONG DOpen-ended14-Jul17-Jul1,000--Apr-31--
Bhrt Bond FOF-April 2031 Reg-G | Invest OnlineDT-LONG DOpen-ended14-Jul17-Jul1,000--Apr-31--
HSBC Focused Eqt Fund Direct-G | Invest OnlineEQ-MLCOpen-ended01-Jul15-Jul5,000------
HSBC Focused Eqt Fund Reg-G | Invest OnlineEQ-MLCOpen-ended01-Jul15-Jul5,000------
Mirae Asset Banking And PSU Debt Fund Direct-G | Invest OnlineDT-BK & PSUOpen-ended08-Jul20-Jul5,000------
Mirae Asset Banking And PSU Debt Fund Reg-G | Invest OnlineDT-BK & PSUOpen-ended08-Jul20-Jul5,000------