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Know How
How to really buy insurance
The only way to go about insuring oneself is to calculate how much cover you need and then find a good, low-cost, term insurance that covers you for that amount
Exit strategy for insurance products
Want to exit a ULIP or a traditional insurance product? Let us show you the way
Free-look period in an insurance policy
Free-look gives you a second chance to review your policy and return it if you feel you misunderstood or were missold the plan
Ask the Experts
Should I shift from balanced fund to ULIP?
If your research is correct, your new investment advisor is trying to sell you a Unit Linked Insurance Plan (ULIP)
Can I claim a tax deduction on premiums for my son?
A tax payer can claim a tax deduction on premiums paid for a life insurance cover for himself, spouse and children
Should I buy another term plan?
You can add the critical illness rider to your existing term plan HDFC Life Click2Protect Plus by paying an extra premium
Should I stop paying for my LIC Jeevan Mitra policy?
LIC may pay a Special Surrender Value which is either equal to or more than the Guaranteed Surrender Value
Term Insurance
Features, cost and analysis of all term covers
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Health Insurance
Features, cost and analysis of all health covers
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