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Product Labeling of Schemes of UTI Mutual Fund

Product Labeling of Schemes of UTI Mutual Fund

UTI Mutual Fund has decide to replace the colour codes of the product labels of all the schemes of fund house by pictorial meter named "Riskometer" with effect from July 1, 2015.

SchemesLevel of Risk
UTI Liquid Cash PlanLow
UTI Money MarketLow
UTI G-secModerately Low
UTI Treasury AdvantageModerately Low
UTI Floating Rate Short Term PlanModerately Low
UTI SpreadModerately Low
UTI Capital Protection Oriented SchemesModerately Low
Fixed Maturity Plans (FMPs), Fixed Income Interval Funds (FIIF5) & Interval FundsModerately Low/Moderate
Fixed Term Income Funds (FTIFs)Moderately Low/ Moderate
UTI Gilt AdvantageModerate
UTI BondModerate
UTI Short Term IncomeModerate
UTI Dynamic BondModerate
UTI Income OpportunitiesModerate
UTI Monthly Income SchemeModerate
UTI Banking & PSUModerate
UTI Medium TermModerate
UTI Mastershare UnitModerately High
UTI EquityModerately High
UTI Top 100Moderately High
UTI Multi CapModerately High
UTI MNCModerately High
UTI Equity Tax SavingsModerately High
UTI Nifty IndexModerately High
UTI Mid CapModerately High
UTI Dividend YieldModerately High
UTI OpportunitiesModerately High
UTI Leadership EquityModerately High
UTI Wealth Builder Fund Series IIModerately High
UTI BalancedModerately High
UTI MIS Advantage PlanModerately High
UTI Unit Linked Insurance PlanModerately High
UTI C.R.T.SModerately High
UTI Childrens Career Balanced PlanModerately High
UTI Retirement Benefit PensionModerately High
UTI Mahila Unit schemeModerately High
UTI CCP AdvantageModerately High
UTI Gold ETFModerately High
UTI Dual Advantage Fixed Term FundModerately High
UTI Pharma & HealthcareHigh
UTI EnergyHigh
UTI InfrastructureHigh
UTI Transportation and LogisticsHigh
UTI Banking SectorHigh
UTI India LifestyleHigh

The Fund house has announced dividend under UTI M Interval Fund Sr 1 Direct-D, UTI M Interval Fund Sr 1 Inst-D & UTI M Interval Fund Sr 1 Ret-D.

The quantum of dividend will be the entire distributable surplus as on the record date. The record date has been fixed as June 24, 2015.

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