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Wealth Insight's April issue is out!

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In the last year, 926 micro caps saw their value double - that's a lot of chances to make money! But finding these winners isn't easy. For every success, there are many more that don't do so well.

Our newest story is here to help. We've put together a simple guide to help you find the winning micro caps and avoid the ones that might not do so well.

Plus, we're sharing 10 micro caps that are ticking all the right boxes. Don't miss out on this opportunity to write your own micro cap success story.

Other highlights of this edition:

  • This stock grew 7x following a management rejig. Can it keep the party going?
    The fortunes of this contraceptive maker changed once a new management stepped in. Was it mere coincidence or signs of what is to come? Find out in our Analyst Diary.
  • A high-quality small cap is ailing. Should you buy the dip, or are the risks too high?
    This small-cap pharma company lost 40 per cent in the last six months. Is this a short-term dip or is the threat real? The answer is in one of our stock stories.
  • The IPO wave: A retrospective
    Delve into the IPO phenomena of the last five years, featuring extreme oversubscriptions and record-breaking listing gains.
  • Small-cap insights from an experienced investor
    Gain wisdom from a fund manager with 19 years in the game, sharing valuable insights on spotting small-cap opportunities.
  • A dividend stock has turned into a wealth creator. Is this makeover here to stay?
    This traditionally dividend-focused stock surprised everyone with a 67 per cent surge in six months. Get to know in our stock story if this growth will last.
  • Japan may soon emerge as a hotspot for equity investors
    Despite its economy lagging, Japan's equity market is surprisingly on the upswing, hinting at potential investment opportunities. Get the complete story in Anand Tandon's exciting new column.

Also, don't miss out on:

  • Dhirendra Kumar's advice on how and where to invest as small caps lose steam.
  • Our detailed charts showcasing the current state of the market.
  • The top winners and losers of the last three months in our Big Moves section.
  • Our stock story where we feature the growth path of the single-largest coal producer in India.

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