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Jinesh Gopani's most precious investing lessons

Jinesh Gopani - Head - Equity, Axis Mutual Fund, shares investing insights from his career to help you become a smart investor

Jinesh Gopani's most precious investing lessons

Three precious lessons learned from market and those that I follow everyday are as follows:

Markets are better than any single investor
One should always drill in one's mind that the market is always ahead of any individual's wisdom as it's a culmination of great minds that are at works. So, respect the market and the prices and take them in stride.

Learn from your mistakes and move on and don't repeat the same
Making mistakes in the stock markets is inevitable. Everyone is bound to make investing mistakes. You win some, you lose some. But the important thing is you learn from your mistakes. Reinvent and refine the investment philosophy without forgetting its ethos.

Conviction and backing the right management
Identifying a credible business and the right management is a tedious process. It has taken us several years of trial and error to do this. But if you believe in your process and you identify companies with these two golden attributes, you have found yourself a winner. That's where conviction comes in. You have to back yourself and your process and thereafter invest wholeheartedly to reap the rewards of that process. If your investment thesis or conviction is lacking, you may miss the wealth-creation opportunity.

One insightful thing that comes to my mind is never to look at a sector or a company that is difficult to scale and has low entry barriers. Most mistakes are made when one invests in those with a view that one will exit before anyone else.

This interview was conducted in June 2021.