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With the market soaring, should I pay STCG and book profits?

Here's some advice from Dhirendra Kumar to investors tempted to book profit in the current market

As the market is soaring high, should we stick to our investments or should we redeem our investments and book short-term capital gains (STCG)?
- Shalabh Agarwal

If you need the money in the next one-two years, start taking your money out methodically. But if this money is not needed for the next five-10 years, don't even think of it. Exit the market only if you need the money in the next one-two years or if you need to rebalance your portfolio. Make your asset allocation strategy and decide whether you wish to invest 100 per cent in equity, 50 per cent in equity and the rest in fixed income or one-third in equity and two-thirds in fixed income and so on. This will give you a definitive rule to manage your investments better. One has no control over what is going to happen to the market and if one tries to guess the market, one will be getting nasty surprises. So, don't do that. Be guided by your own plans. If you need the money, start taking it out methodically and if you don't need your money, set up an asset allocation plan and then, change it accordingly.

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