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My small- and mid-cap funds are causing stress. What should I do?

Move it to multi caps at once, as you should not lose your peace of mind over investments, suggests Dhirendra Kumar

I have a little percentage of my portfolio invested in small and mid caps separately, while a major part of it is in multi caps and debt funds in line with goals. Small and mid caps are causing heartburn and I want to shift the funds to multi caps. Please guide me on how to do this without making losses.
- Dr Gunjan Upadhyay

Losses are already done. Move that money at once because the heartburn and the loss of sleep is not a very desirable thing to have. It is not a great bargain for the investment that you make. So, square up your losses and move your money to multi caps and you will not miss out on anything significant. This is because if you are getting upset, it just is not worth it while making investments.