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Assessing unique newcomers

2017 saw the stock market debut of some unique business models. We help you analyse eight such models

Assessing unique newcomers

In the past one year, many companies have raised funds from the markets through initial public offerings. Many of these belong to such sectors that had no direct presence in the listed universe. For instance, consider GIC Re, a reinsurer. Or take ICICI Lombard, a general insurer. Or IEX, a power-trading exchange.

Hence, for the average stock investor, it is rather challenging to analyse these companies. In this series, we tell you about the business models of these companies, along with their relevant metrics. This information will build analytical foundation for you so that you can dig deeper into these companies.

Over the next few days, we will publish the analysis of 8 different business models.
Asset Management Companies

Depository services

Energy exchanges

Matrimonial services

Life insurance companies

General insurance companies

Reinsurance companies

Small-finance banks and payment banks