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How do I accumulate Rs. 1 crore?

Value Research CEO Dhirendra Kumar addresses investors' questions on Fund ka Funda, a Star News show

I want to invest over the next 20 years to accumulate Rs 1 crore for my 3-months old daughter. How much I need to invest every month and where?
Shivanand .M, Bijapur, Karnataka
It is difficult to guess what will be the return on equity funds over the next 20 years. But to accumulate Rs 1 crore in 20 years, you need to invest Rs 7550 if it earns 15% return. I would suggest chose 2or 4 good equity funds invest every month. My choice will include Magnum Contra, Kotak 30, HDFC Top 200 and Franklin Prima Plus.

I m 31 years male want to invest in s.i.p Rs 500 pm for 30 years. Which policy should I choose?
Debasish Siliguri
Choose a good equity fund, 5 or 4-star fund and invest regularly.

I want to gift my newly born grandson Rs 5 lakh for lock in period of 20 years. In which mutual fund I should invest so that there is no tax liability to his parents.
Vipan Aggarwal, Delhi
There is no long term capital gains tax in India for equity related funds at this moment. Hence invest in five or four star rated, diversified equity funds like Reliance Growth, Magnum Contra, Kotak 30, HDFC Equity, DSPML TIGER. Opt for a systematic investment plan (SIP) and invest the amount over few months. Divide your investment among 4 or 5 funds and rebalance your portfolio every year.

I had invested in ICICI ULIP Life time Gold Multiplier Fund , LIC MF Infrastructure at 10 per unit, Reliance Regular Saving Growth fund at 22 per unit. Please tell the future of above funds.
It is better you opt for some well diversified equity mutual funds for investment rather than a ULIP plan. ULIPs are not smart investments and have high associated costs. Don't mix insurance and investment.
Don't invest in a fund for its low NAV. The level of NAV of a fund does not matter but its performance. It is advisable that you choose a proven Infrastructure fund than a fund without a history.
Reliance Regular Savings Equity has been by and large an average equity fund

Which fund can help me become a crorepati if I invest Rs 5000 per month for 15 years.
Manish, Ajmer
It is difficult to guess the return on equity funds over the next 15 years. Your expectations are high expectation. It will require your investments to earn 30% every year. But anyway, invest in 1 or 2 aggressive equity funds from the following- DSPML Tiger, Kotak Opportunities, Reliance Growth and ING Domestic Opportunities.

I want to invest Rs 10,000 in mutual funds as long term investment. Which fund should I prefer that gives maximum return with tax benefit.
For tax saving, choose from these funds - Sundaram Taxsaver, Magnum Taxgain, HDFC Tax Saver and Birla Equity Plan.

I am a house wife. I want to invest 1,50,000 Rs. I want to double my money at the earliest, please help.
For you market will prove to be a very dangerous place where you double your money quickly. Choose a good balanced fund and spread your investment of Rs 1.5 lakh over the next 1 year. My choice will include DSPML Balanced, Magnum Balanced, Tata Balanced and HDFC Prudence.

I want to know about mutual funds. How can I invest and what is the lowest amount.
The investment minimum for SIP in many funds is Rs 500 per month.

Investing in an NFO or an old fund, which is better.
It is advisable that you choose a proven fund than a fund without a history. Don't invest in a fund for its low NAV. The level of NAV of a fund does not matter but its performance.

How is NAV calculated?
R .D.Arora, Ludhiana
NAV is calculated by adding the value of all investments of a fund and cash less the expenses. When this is dividend by all the unit which invest own is the NAV.

Is SIP of Rs 2000 per month for 20 years in Kotak Opportunities fund a wise decision ?
Sharad, Faridabad
Kotak Opportunites is good aggressive equity fund rated 5-Star.You can go through this fund but you should review your investment every 12 months.

Want to invest Rs 100,000 for 5 years. Please suggest few funds.
Choose 1 or 2 5-star funds which have shown consistent performance over last three to five years like Magnum Contra Fund or Kotak 30 Fund. You can also avail income tax concession by investing in tax planning funds like Magnum Taxgain Fund or Sundaram Taxsaver. It would have been better to invest through SIP plan. Divide your investment amount among five well rated funds equally (Rs.20,000 in each fund).

I am 25 yrs old lady working as a lecturer in a college. I want to invest in Reliance Growth through SIP. Will it be ok for me?
Reliance Growth is a 5 star rated fund. You can go invest in this fund but you should review your investment every year.