Helios Flexi Cap Fund: Portfolio unveiled

A glimpse into the first portfolio of Helios Mutual Fund's maiden equity fund

Helios Flexi Cap Fund: Portfolio unveiled

The wait is over! The NFO of the debut fund of Samir Arora-led Helios Mutual Fund, Helios Flexi Cap Fund , is done and dusted, and now the fund's first portfolio is out for everyone to slice and dice.

For the uninitiated, a fund's portfolio is the collection of investments made by the fund across asset classes in varying proportions.

An overview of the portfolio
As of November 30, 2023, the fund effectively manages assets totalling Rs 624 crore. Impressively, the entire NFO collection has been deployed within a mere 12 trading days with 95.6 per cent invested in equity.

Helios Flexi Cap Fund is the 31st largest flexi-cap fund within a category of 38 funds. It stays true to its name as a flexi-cap fund and boasts a slightly more aggressive allocation across market caps than its peers.

Diversification philosophy
While devout followers of Buffett may perceive diversification as a defensive strategy, Samir Arora, the man behind Helios Capital, holds a different perspective. He deems concentration undesirable and advocates for an ideal portfolio of 30-40 stocks. This philosophy resonates in Helios Flexi Cap Fund's portfolio, which is more diversified than an average flexi-cap fund but comprises fewer stocks.

Number of stocks

Minimum 26
Helios Flexi Cap 47
Category average 56
Maximum 107
Note: Minimun, maximum and category average based on portfolio disclosures as on October 31, 2023

Strategic inclusions and omissions
Many mutual funds commonly include specific big names in their portfolios. However, the Helios Flexi Cap Fund is an outlier. Some noteworthy omissions from its portfolio include prominent stocks such as Infosys , Reliance , Maruti Suzuki , Bajaj Finance , Airtel , and Sun Pharma . These are commonly found in most flexi-cap funds, typically holding more than 2 per cent (based on the portfolio disclosure as of October 31, 2023).

Conversely, the fund displays an inclination towards companies that are conspicuously absent in most flexi-cap funds. It is either the only fund interested in them or shares the interest with just five other flexi-cap funds (investing more than 2 per cent).

Neglected by most

Allocation towards the not-so-widely held stocks (in %)

Company Helios Flexi Cap Fund Category average
HPCL 3 1
KPIT Technologies 2.5 0.9
MCX 2.2 1.5
Lemon Tree Hotels 2.1 2.3
Adani Ports 2 1.7
Blue Dart Express 0.9 0
Landmark Cars 0.9 0
Note: Category average based on portfolio disclosures as on October 31, 2023.

Moreover, the fund also embraces new-age companies such as Paytm and Zomato, allocating more than 2 per cent of its assets in both.

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