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Where to park your emergency corpus?

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DS Shahapurkar, a Value Research Premium member, wants to know the difference between index funds and index ETF funds and which is better from an investment perspective?

Greetings Mr/Mrs Shahapurkar! Dhirendra Kumar has brilliantly answered this question in one of our earlier videos. Watch it here.

As to which one you should choose to invest in, you can watch this video where Ashutosh Gupta of Value Research compares index funds with ETFs. Hope this helps.

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Digvijay Sirmukaddam wants to know if he can invest his emergency fund in debt funds instead of bank fixed deposits as he comes under a higher tax slab.

Dear Mr Sirmukaddam, we always suggest parking emergency corpus in liquid debt funds. Ashutosh Gupta has described it in a video. Watch it here.

You can also check out our list of liquid debt funds.

Abhishek Mall wants to know how can he add a mutual funds portfolio on Value Research.

Hello Mr Mall! You can use the Value Research My Investments tool to add your investments. My Investments is an awesome investment tracker developed for investors. You can read this story to learn to create your portfolio on Value Research.

An anonymous person says they are a beginner and want to invest in mutual funds for the long term. Which mutual fund is the best to buy?

Dear Anonymous! If you're a beginner, we suggest you go for tax-saving funds (if needed) or aggressive hybrid funds.

Watch this video to get a better idea.

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