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Should I move money out of a floater fund?

Remain invested if your fund has turned out to be a good one and you don't need the money, suggests Dhirendra Kumar

I have my emergency fund invested in ICICI Prudential Floating Interest Fund, which has given me good returns over the last three years. Do you think I should redeem and shift to a liquid fund or a short-term debt fund?
- Rajiv Kamat

No, don't shift if your fund has turned out to be a good one. Further, ICICI Prudential MF has turned out to be a good fixed-income manager in terms of largely steering clear of questionable debt and subsequent accidents. They have also been conscious of managing liquidity during a crisis by preparing for greater liquidity in many of their debt funds. So, remain invested if you don't need the money and don't change it for the heck of it.