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When will value funds do well

Many investors are worried that value funds are not delivering their promise of performing across market cycles. So what should you do?

When will value funds do well

Worried about value funds being outperformed by their multi-cap counterparts? Well, you're alone. Many investors are taken aback by the relatively poor performance of value funds in the past couple of years.

The value style of investing is expected to perform across market cycles with relatively lesser volatility when compared to the growth style of investing. However, value-category funds seem to have played second fiddle to their multi-cap counterparts in terms of delivering returns with marginally higher volatility over the last two years.

What are the reasons for this trend and what should investors expect from value funds going forward? Join us in the upcoming webinar of Value Investing where an expert from Quantum Mutual Fund will discuss a value investing strategy for this year and present a case for value funds to remain a part of an investor's portfolio.

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