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Value Guru stocks

We take you through the strategies of 5 famous value gurus and tell you what stocks would show up if you adapt them in the Indian context

Value Guru stocks

Five years ago, when the Sensex was at 17,000 levels, we had come up with a feature on how to invest like the value-investing greats - Benjamin Graham, Walter Schloss, Peter Lynch, Joel Greenblatt and John Neff.

Five years are more like eternity for many Indian investors. Most of them rarely hold onto their investments that long. Yet sticking to such robust investing principles holds one in good stead - in up markets and down. Many sceptical investors, even some fund managers, sneer whenever the talk of value investing comes up. "We are in a long-term bull market; value doesn't work in India," many of them often quip.

However, if you had invested in the Value Guru stocks mentioned five years ago, your annualised returns would look like as shown in the graphic. As you can see, all of the portfolios handsomely beat the benchmark index.

In the following articles (to be published over the week), we again take you through the strategies of Value Gurus. We then adapt them as per the Indian context and tell you the stocks that fulfil the criteria. With the Value Research Stock Advisor subscription, you get exclusive access to the Value Guru screens, where we create portfolios that match those of the gurus mentioned above in real time, whenever you want.

Benjamin Graham

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