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Remove Overlapping Funds

HDFC Top 200 & HDFC Equity have a considerable overlap. Investing in only the latter would suffice…

I am investing in HDFC Top 200, HDFC Equity, ICICI Prudential Dynamic, UTI Opportunities and DSP BlackRock Top 100. Please give me your opinion on my fund portfolio.
— Ravi

While you’ve chosen well-performing, mainstream funds, they're primarily large-cap oriented funds and hence, you shouldn’t expect blockbuster returns from them. These funds will give you steady, comfortable returns. The one change that you should make is stop investing in HDFC Top 200, because it has a considerable overlap with HDFC Equity. Between the two, just HDFC Equity would suffice. You can also consider adding a mid- and small-cap fund, which will give your portfolio an edge. Some funds to choose from are DSPBR Micro Cap, IDFC Premier Equity and SBI Magnum Emerging Businesses.

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