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Subscribers' Helpline - April edition: Exclusive for VR Premium members

Get answers to all your burning questions related to personal finance and mutual funds in our monthly series

The April edition of our monthly series, Subscribers' Helpline, is out now.

In this episode, our mutual fund analyst answers all your queries related to personal finance and mutual funds.

In this episode, we answer the following questions:

  1. What should be the optimum size of the holding per mutual fund?
  2. I am 45. My goal is to create a retirement corpus and long-term wealth. I am doing SIPs in Parag Parekh Flexi Cap (35 per cent), Quant Multi Cap (25 per cent), ICICI Value Discovery (25 per cent), and SBI Contra (15 per cent). My time horizon is 15 years. Do you think this allocation is appropriate?
  3. Please share your analysis and recommendation on the relatively new HDFC Nifty 200 Momentum 30 Index Fund.
  4. Why are some funds with consistent performance given 'No Opinion' under Analyst's Choice?
  5. Why does the rate of return on mutual funds go down as the time horizon increases?
  6. I have a surplus of about Rs 10 lakh and was considering investing it in short-term opportunities. Is allocating a small portion of the total portfolio to short-term opportunities a good strategy?
  7. Suppose we have Rs 1 crore in a savings bank account. Assuming there is no future monthly income to invest, should we still do SIP or lump sum investment? If we do an SIP, where should we park the balance money?
  8. Which is better, ABSL Flexi Cap or Tata Equity PE Fund?
  9. I have an SIP of Rs 5000 in a fund with regular investments for eight years, but now I find that my fund is not good. Will I get the long-term benefit of SIP if I change the fund?
  10. I want to get your advice on Mirae NYSE FANG+. Will it be suitable instead of the Nasdaq 100?
  11. Considering the recent restrictions on investing overseas via mutual funds, what are the options for international investment?
  12. I have bought REC 54EC Capital Gains Bonds, but your portal does not allow me to add them to 'My Investments'. Can you please add this option?
  13. Can you please add a feature to import EPF contributions into the Value Research dashboard?
  14. How can I change the pension fund manager for my auto-aggressive portfolio under Scheme-G in the NSDL depository?
  15. I have around Rs 2 crore in NPS Tier-2 with active choice 25/25/50. I don't need the money for the next three years. Is it the right decision? From NPS Tier-1, which I have deferred, can I opt for SWP from the 60 per cent amount?

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