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Reliance MF paid dividends in three debt funds

Reliance Mutual Fund paid monthly and quarterly dividends in three of its debt funds- Income Fund, Monthly Income plan and Liquid Fund.

Reliance Income Fund paid a monthly dividend of 0.680% (Rs 0.0680 per unit) and quarterly dividend of 2.020% (Rs 0.2020 per unit) with a record date of June 15, 2001.

A monthly and quarterly dividend of 0.678% (Rs 0.0678 per unit) and 2.079% (Rs 0.2079 per unit) respectively were paid in Reliance MIP. The record date for the same was June 20, 2001.

Investors in the Treasury plan of Reliance Liquid Fund were paid a dividend of 0.154%(Rs 0.0154 per unit) with a record date of June 22, 2001.