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Templeton To Merge its Liquid Scheme

Templeton Mutual Fund has decided to merge Templeton India Liquid Fund (TILF) into the Templeton India Treasury Management Account (TITMA) with effect from August 06, 2004. On the day of merger, TITMA would introduce a new plan called Liquid Plan in which the TILF will be merged.

The existing TITMA would be renamed as TITMA – Regular Plan on the same day (August 6, 2004). And the Annual Dividend Plan and Bonus Plan under TITMA will be merged into the Growth Plan. However, the Weekly Dividend, Daily Dividend and Growth Plans will continue under Regular Plans as separate options.

The investment objective and the asset allocation pattern of TITMA will remain unchanged. The Liquid Plan and Regular Plan will have a common portfolio but different minimum investment limits and expense ratios. The minimum investment amount of Liquid Plan under TITMA will be Rs 25,000 and that under Regular Plan, it will be Rs 1 lakh.