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New Offerings From Deutsche AMC

Deutsche AMC has announced the launch of two new schemes-Deutsche Investment Opportunity Fund and Deutsche MIP Fund. The schemes will be open for initial offer between January 15, 2004 and January 29, 2004.

Deutsche Investment Opportunity Fund will be a dynamic equity fund. The fund will have the freedom to remain fully invested (100 per cent equity) or move to a situation where the equity exposure is as low as 5 per cent. As such asset allocation will be in the hands of the fund manager rather than the investor. The fund will benchmark its performance against the BSE 200 index. According to the funds internal guidelines sector allocation will move in the range of +/- seven per cent that of the BSE 200. To this extent the fund will remain diversified and the 'opportunity' for the fund manager will be more in the realm of switching between debt and equity.

According to B.P.Singh, head-equities "the Indian economy is headed for a high growth trajectory, where the role of money has changed from being a capacity financier to a demand financier. As pricing power returns to corporates this should be beneficial for equity investors".

Deutsche Investment Opportunity Fund will have growth and dividend options. Entry into the fund will require a minimum investment of Rs 5000.

Deutsche MIP Fund will be an open-ended income scheme, whose primary objective will be to generate regular income. As with all open-end MIPs, there is no assurance or guarantee on the regularity or quantum of dividend pay-outs. The MIP will have two plans-A and B. Under plan A equity exposure can go upto a maximum of 20 per cent, while under plan B, maximum equity exposure is 10 per cent. Both plans will offer growth and dividend option. Deutsche MIP Fund will have a minimum investment limit of Rs 25,000 for the dividend option and Rs 5,000 for the growth option.