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I've just started my career. Where should I invest?

Ashutosh Gupta advises about investment strategies for a beginner

I've just started my career. Where should I invest?

I recently graduated and have started with my career. I started with SIPs partly in a bluechip fund and an ELSS. I have also opted for term insurance. Which instruments do you suggest I should invest more in? Right now, only 10 per cent of my salary goes into investments.
- Sanket More

First of all, congrats on starting early. That itself gives you many advantages, and you will realise the benefits in the coming years. Half the battle is won already.

Regarding investments, you should first look at exhausting your 80C limit by investing in ELSS to the extent you need to save tax. Beyond that, you can look at flexi-cap funds. And do not invest in more than three to four funds. They should be sufficient to provide a well-diversified portfolio.

The important thing is to ensure that you keep increasing your SIP contributions with the increment to your salary. Often people make the right start but then fail to increase the amount in the subsequent years with the increase in income. Avoid doing that.

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