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Is it okay to have all SIPs on one date?

Ashutosh Gupta explains if there is any drawback to having all SIPs on a single date

I am investing Rs 1 lakh per month in five funds. My investment horizon is 10 years and is meant for retirement. The SIP date for all these funds is the 15th of every month. Is there any disadvantage in having all SIPs on one date?
- Lijo John

I will recommend you continue your investment plan. Simply following the disciplined approach of spreading your investments and investing every month would provide you with the benefit of rupee cost averaging. That should prove rewarding over the long term.

In my opinion, differentiating the dates of the five SIPs in a month is a complexity you can avoid. So even if you invest all these five SIPs on a single date in a month, it is okay.

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