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Where should I invest for my 75-year-old mother?

It depends on whether or not your mother needs any income from that money, tells Dhirendra Kumar

I am managing the portfolio of my mother who is 75-year old. What asset allocation should I maintain between debt and equity?
- Kunal

It depends on whether or not your mother requires any income. If she does not need it, then this is a long-term portfolio. She may want to be comforted and you need to deal with the anxiety. If this money is meant to be left for beneficiaries, then this is long-term money. In that case, all this money can well be invested in an equity fund or an aggressive hybrid fund.

But if there is a need to generate income from this money, then I think it should be invested conservatively. If she is going to depend on this income, then I would say 35 per cent allocation to equity and the remaining in fixed income. So, it entirely depends on her requirements, whether there is a need for income or not.

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