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Using 'My Investments' to track a portfolio

This automated portfolio tracker aggregates all your investments on the basis of the underlying investment, tells Dhirendra Kumar

How should I use 'My Investments' portfolio tracker on Value Research Online?
- Dharam Raj

Earlier, 'My Investments' used to be called 'My Portfolio.' And I have been using it for the last 15 years or so to track my own investments. The main reason to devise it was to get inputs on my own investments. It is a magical and one-of-its-kind thing. You can put all your investments, including stocks, mutual funds, NPS, PPF and so on, into it. It aggregates all of them and give you inputs for your complete portfolio, that, too, in an automated way. We are also trying to include EPF.

All these things happen with far greater intensity. For example, if you invested in 100 shares of Infosys 10-15 years ago, all the dividends, bonus and rights get captured and adjusted automatically. On the other hand, most of the other trackers that I have seen simply multiply the total number of shares with the value. And this is what you get from NSDL as well. You get the value at the end of every month.

It also captures your SIPs. You do not have to do all the buy and sell inputs manually, even if you have been investing for the last 10 years and start using this tracker now. Simply upload your CAMS or KARVY statement with the password and all the transactions will reflect automatically, even if there are thousands of them. Further, it will aggregate all your investments based on the underlying investment and tell you how much of your money has been invested in equity, how much of it has been in fixed income and how much of it has been in cash. Also, it will tell you how much of your money has been invested in a particular stock, say Infosys through direct shares and how much of it has been through mutual funds. The tracker gives you an accurate and precise return on your investment which is updated every day. It will also help you check your asset allocation.

In view of the recent debt crisis, if you want to see the rating break-up of your debt investments across funds, 'My Investments' will tell you that too. It will tell you how much of your money has been in sovereign bonds, how much of it has been in AAA, AA, BBB and so on. So, it will give you precise numbers, return on your portfolio and inputs to act on your investments. And very soon, we will have its advanced version, which will give recommendations on how to improve your portfolio. It is currently under the testing and development stage.

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