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Is DSP Small Cap Fund a good fund?

While talking about DSP Small Cap Fund, Dhirendra Kumar gives his opinion on investing in small-cap funds

What is your take on DSP Small Cap fund?
- Ishwar Galane

I like this fund. Earlier, it was a microcap fund and was a blockbuster. I am answering to most other people, not just you, when I say that don't get tempted by small-cap funds as they are not meant for everybody. These funds are suited for somebody who's willing to assume risk, invest regularly and are not finicky to see their investment value decline for a prolonged period of time in the hope of getting rewarded after five-seven years because that is when investing in these funds become extremely rewarding.

So, if you don't have that stomach and if you don't have that heart, don't even think about it. Most investors can do without investing in a small-cap fund. But among the small-cap funds, DSP Small Cap fund is a good fund with a long history.

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