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How long will it take for the recovery phase to start?

As things are still playing out, we don't know the ramifications of the situation yet, says Dhirendra Kumar

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How much time will it take for the recovery phase to start? Also, since the market has bottomed to a large extent owing to coronavirus issues worldwide, is this the best time to make some lump-sum investments, along with regular SIPs?
- Biswa

I precisely don't know how much time it will take for the recovery phase to start. It may take anywhere between three-four months or even one-, one-and-a-half-years. Further, it's not only difficult but impossible to predict it, as things are still playing out. We don't know the ramifications or the full implications. There are places where COVID-19 is just beginning to spread. And I think India is very much vulnerable because of our population and health facilities.

But I would say that, within one and one-and-a-half years, things may resolve and businesses will go back to normal. However, some businesses may get impaired because of this disruption in a very fatal way.

I suggest that, don't try to time all these. If at all you want to make some lump-sum investments, then do a parallel SIP. Consider investing your lump-sum amount by spreading it over the next twelve months. This will help you average your purchase cost. It's better to invest your hard-earned money in a manner that will not drive you out of the market.