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Is this the right time to invest in the market?

For someone who has the resources and is unperturbed by the market decline, it's a good time to invest, says Dhirendra Kumar

I have invested significantly in equity mutual funds and owing to the dramatic market movements, I have witnessed losses. I wanted to know whether this is the right time to invest or I should wait for some time.
- Suresh

If you are going to invest for a period of five or ten years, are unlikely to need that money in the near term and have the resources, then by all means go ahead. But I would say that just revisit your own actions and overall portfolio.

This entire crisis or panic is a grim reminder that we just can't predict what is coming but we can definitely control what's in our own hands - your time horizon, discipline and your temperament. For somebody like you who is, despite the market decline, not getting upset and considering investing more, then it's a good time to invest.

If you have a lump-sum amount, spread it over the next six months to one-year kind of a time frame. But having said that, just be aware that it's going to be a very turbulent market. If you track it too closely, then it will become very difficult to stick to your plan. So, stay calm, invest more and make sure that you are investing your long-term money in equity. Further, don't try to time the markets perfectly because you might end up catching the market high at some point. So just be methodical while following your plan.

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