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The 17th milestone

The 17th anniversary issue of 'Mutual Fund Insight' has many timeless articles and insightful interviews that any serious mutual fund investor can't afford to miss. Grab your copy now

Should you switch to index fundsMutual Fund Insight is 17! Like every year, here's our anniversary issue, a very special 214-page package, this year with the main magazine PLUS THREE SPECIAL SUPPLEMENTS!

Here's the set of special cover stories we have in this issue:

The Value Research Way: Dhirendra Kumar's answers to the most common investor queries
Five changes that have transformed your mutual funds
The Big Five: Interviews with industry titans who together manage a fourth of mutual funds' equity assets

Plus THREE special supplements of 64 pages:

Value Research Fund Analysts' Choice: India's Finest Funds
Most Rewarding SIP Funds
SIP Sahi Hai

House Voice: Mutual fund bosses share their views on the industry's last one year

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