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Should I redeem my poor performing long-term debt funds?

Dhirendra Kumar tells if you should redeem your investment from a poor performing dynamic bond fund

Long-term debt funds have delivered poor returns since demonetisation. Should I redeem?

Yes, if you are a fixed-income investor. These are relatively low-risk investments but most of them got their calls wrong in a sense that everyone was expecting a rate cut but we haven't seen any. I would say that holding it for two-three years would enhance the return. These funds haven't given great returns but at least protected you from the downside. No doubt, 2-3 per cent is nothing compared to 10-11 per cent, if everything would have fallen as expected. But you will have a decent return in two-three years time and things like this will keep happening.

And, if you want to avoid such thing in future, don't take chances. Be conservative, invest in a short-term debt fund. It will give you predictably 8.5 per cent. During this period, when dynamic bond funds have given 2-3 per cent return only, those funds have given 7-9 per cent returns.

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