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Five red hot blue chips

Buying and holding onto blue chip companies was considered as comfortable as wrapping oneself in a feather blanket in a chilly winter night. But is the comfort level shifting now? Read the January 2018 issue of Wealth Insight to find out

Five red hot blue chipsIdentifying Blue Chips, buying their stock, and holding them is always a great investing strategy. However, there are times when Blue Chips should be ignored. Is this such a time?

  • First Page: Dhirendra Kumar discusses about cocaine money and bitcoins-- their bubble and bust
  • Interview: Kenneth Andrade, Founder and CIO, Old Brweidge Capital tells you the secrets of "Spinning Money from Cyclicals"
  • Interview: Seasoned investor, Manish Sonthalia, Head -- Equities, PMS, Motilal Oswal AMC says, real investing is really a very boring thing
  • Market Compass: Track the stock investments made by DSP BlackRock's Fund Manager Vinit Sambre
  • Vis-a-vis: Who is doing better among the two leading home loan companies?
  • Straight Talk: Anand Tandon tells us that 2017 witnessed a lot of changes
  • Sanjeev Pandiya shows how Understanding psychological principles of personality helps you better coordinate with your mind and hence achieve better outcomes
  • Analyst's Diary:
    • Making sense of general insurers: Key analytical metrics of the general-insurance sector
    • Keeping the CFO happy: Companies that have generated a higher ROCE on a higher capital base
    • The better indicator: Why ROE trumps ROCE as an analytical tool
    • Your money, my gains: Companies that use their suppliers' money for their own benefit
  • Companies with moats: Are companies who enjoy near monopoly status always good buy options?
  • Stock Screen: Read about these investment ideas that you can use now:
    • Peter Lynch stocks
    • Quality stocks available cheap
    • Attractive blue chips
    • High dividend-yield stocks
    • Discount to book value
    • Reasonably priced growth stocks
  • Stock Analyst's Choice: Our regular scorecard of the stocks we've recommended since 2011 and their performance

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