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When the going gets tough

How to pick debt funds when interest rates are on a downhill ride? The latest issue of MFI will tell you that and a host of other things. Find out

Mutual Fund InsightInterest rates are crashing, and won't come back up for a long time. Investors need to understand how to pick their debt fund investments in this new scenario.

Read the October 2017 Issue of Mutual Fund Insight, 'How to handle the rate meltdown' and learn about the new world of fixed-income investing.

Of course, there's a lot more in this issue that will help you choose the best mutual fund investments.

  • First Page: The quality and honesty of investment advice being forwarded around social media is a problem
  • Investors' Hangout: In a special Investors' Hangout session from Bhubaneswar, Dhirendra Kumar speaks to A Balasubramanian, CEO, Aditya Birla Sun Life Mutual Fund, about the evolution of mutual funds in India
  • Getting personal: Anuradha Rao, MD & CEO, SBI Funds Management
  • Category Watch: Multi-cap funds combine the best of all worlds and are suitable for most investors. Read all about them.
  • Fund Analyst Choice: Eight multi-cap funds that our analysts have picked for you
  • Top-Rated Funds: Funds that are rated five star by us
  • The Plan: 47-year old Vedant has adequate investments to meet his goals but they are spread across too many funds and he's not organised as per his goals. Our analysts plan what he should do.
  • Ask Value Research: Our team answers savings and investment queries from readers
  • Fund Reporter: Our digest of the month's most useful mutual fund news
  • Direct Advice: Aarati Krishnan explains why mutual funds seldom find multi-baggers
  • Of this and that: Sanjeev Pandiya explains the fascinating link between psychology and economics
  • Value Research Online: Understand fund performance on our website
  • Scoreboard: India's most comprehensive mutual fund scorecard. Key performance numbers and investment details for each fund
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