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Should I stay invested in Franklin India Prima Fund?

Dhirendra Kumar suggests continuing investment in the fund. Here's why

I have an SIP in Franklin India Prima Fund for the last two years. It has given me returns of about 20%. Can I stay invested in it for the next 10 years?
- Harish, Mumbai

Transcript: Franklin Prima is an old midcap fund. It is probably the very first open-ended fund in India. It was started in 1993. It is quite an impressive fund.

Most midcap funds have given good returns in the past 4-5 years but don't look at just this return. There will be many disappointing periods as well. It is quality focused and stays away from speculative momentum stocks. Despite its long existence, it has not become a very big fund. Considering its management style and your investment timeframe, you can continue your investment in it.

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