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Should I switch my NPS fund manager?

Dhirendra Kumar says why switching fund manager won't matter much. He also says which NPS plan he should choose

Is SBI a good NPS fund manager? How should I allocate my funds between NPS Plans?
- Alok, Delhi

1. The performance of NPS fund managers falls within a fairly narrow range, leaving you with only marginal gains by switching to better fund managers. SBI's performance has been reasonable. You can evaluate comparative returns on this link.

2. NPS has three major plans - Equity (E), Government Bonds (G) and Corporate Bonds (C).You are allowed to invest a maximum of 50% of your NPS corpus in the Equity (E) plan. My opinion is that if you are investing for 15-20 years, invest the maximum permitted 50% in the Equity (E) plan of the NPS, 25% in the Corporate Bond plan and 25% in the Government Bond plan.

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