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Will I lose money in SBI Magnum Balanced Fund?

Dhirendra Kumar says balanced fund are performing well and are expected to give good returns

On the word of a SBI banker, I invested in SBI Magnum Balanced Fund, and I was told that after 3 years we can expect 10% return. Please tell me whether I will lose my money or not.
- Jagdish, Delhi

Transcript: In general, balanced funds are good and safe. The return of 10%, as informed by your banker, is quite possible in 3 years. In fact, you might be able to earn even more as balanced funds are performing really well. From balanced mutual funds, the returns are expected to be higher than fixed deposit but the returns aren't guaranteed, unlike fixed deposits. In the long term, this fund should give a good return. And rest assured, mutual fund is not a dubious financial instrument.

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