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UTI Announces Dividend for Apr-02 to Mar-03

UTI has announced the dividend under the following plans for the period April 01, 2002 to March 31, 2003 as follows.

Under MIP 99 (II), MIP 2000 (II) and MIP 2000 (III), an annualized 5 percent dividend will be paid in the monthly dividend option (which works out to a monthly dividend of around 0.42 percent). For the annual dividend options it will be 5.12 percent. However, the current declaration is lower than the previous year's payout of 9% and 9.25%, respectively.

In MIP 2001, an annualized 6% dividend has been announced in the monthly dividend option (monthly dividend of 0.5 percent) and 6.17 percent in the annual dividend option.

MIP 2000 will not pay any dividend in the current year. Since it was launched at the peak of 2000 and as it had 34 percent allocation to equities at that time, the fund's NAV has come down drastically (Rs 7.3 as on May 08, 2002). It had not paid any dividend in the previous year too.

In GCGIP 94 Scheme, an annualized 5 percent dividend will be declared which will be paid on quarterly basis, i.e, 1.25 percent each quarter.