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Super top-up health insurance policies

Super top-ups are a good way to enhance your health insurance coverage at a much lower premium

Can one purchase super top-up mediclaim online? Can you please suggest some good ones?
-Dr Manojkumar Agarwal

Yes, super top-up policies are available online. United India Super Top Up policy, Religare Enhance Super top up and Apollo Munich Optima Super are some of the good ones.

Super top-up policy is a good way to enhance your health insurance coverage with only a marginal increase in your premium. The reason for its lower cost is that it kicks-in only beyond a certain threshold level of medical expenses which could either be funded through your regular mediclaim policy or by you out of your own pocket. The super top-up becomes active to pay for any additional expenses beyond the threshold (called deductible).
Before buying any policy, be sure to go through the policy document and policy brochure carefully. Also pay attention to the exclusions and waiting period.

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