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Pioneer ITI Mutual Announces Dividend

Pioneer ITI Mutual Fund, which has been acquired by Franklin Templeton, has declared dividends in its following sehemes - Pension Plan, Income Builder Account and MIP.

India's first and only Central Government approved pension scheme in the private sector - Pioneer ITI Pension Plan has declared a dividend of 10 per cent (Rs.1.00 per unit). The record date for the same is March 22, 2002. This is the fifth dividend declared by the scheme since its inception in March 1997. However, the current dividend is lower than the earlier four payouts of 12 per cent each.

In Income Builder Account, a monthly dividend of 1 per cent (Rs 0.10 per), quarterly dividend of 3 per cent (Rs 0.30 per unit), half-yearly dividend of 6 per cent (Rs.0.60 per unit) and an annual dividend 14 per cent (Re.1.40 per unit) has been announced. In the first three options, the record date is March 22, 2002 and in case of the annual dividend option, the record date has been set as March 26, 2002.

In Monthly Income Plan (MIP), a dividend of 0.75 per cent (Rs 0.075 per unit) and 2.25 per cent (Rs.0.25 per unit) has been announced under the Monthly and Quarterly dividend plans respectively. The record date for the same is March 22, 2002.