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How to invest in debt funds now

Volatility and uncertainty are the harsh new realities of debt funds. Our analysts help you navigate them

Mutual Fund InsightEquity funds are always volatile, but debt fund investors want absolute certainty. Even the smallest uncertainty or hint of volatility upsets them. However, this is the new reality of these funds. In the cover story of the June 2016 issue of Mutual Fund Insight, read about the solution to this problem: How to invest in debt funds now.

And of course there's a lot more in this issue that will help you make better investment decisions and generate better returns:

  • First Page: Dhirendra Kumar writes about the predicament of retirees who are trying to live a decent life
  • Category Watch: Analysis of the Dynamic Bond Fund category
  • Fund Analyst Choice: Four handpicked dynamic bond funds to help you make the most of this very useful type of fund
  • Top-Rated Funds: Funds that are rated five star by us
  • The Plan: Anirban is a young man with a small family and dependant parents. See the investment plan our advice team has created for him
  • Ask Value Research: Our team answers savings and investment queries from readers
  • Fund Radar: Top salary earners among fund managers and fund CEOs, interesting insights into equity fund's portfolios, sector preferences, and a comparison of diversified equity funds and the Sensex
  • Fund Reporter: Quick digest of the month's most useful mutual fund news
  • Interview: Mahesh Patil, Co-Chief Investment Officer, Birla Sun Life Mutual Fund
  • Getting Personal: Leo Puri, Managing Director, UTI Mutual Fund
  • Portfolio Moves: Analysis of Quantum Long Term Equity Fund's performance
  • Quick Chat: Atul Kumar, Fund Manager, Quantum Long Term Equity Fund
  • Direct Advice by Aarati Krishnan: Keep your fixed asset allocation fixed
  • And the point is: Vivek Kaul points out the salary transparency rule for fund executives may have some unintended consequences
  • Value Research Online: How to analyse fund returns on valueresearchonline.com
  • Scoreboard: India's most comprehensive mutual fund scorecard. Key performance numbers and investment details for each fund

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