Five Stocks Poised to Take-off | Value Research The August 2015 issue of Wealth Insight is out now! It brings you analysis of 5 breakout stocks that are expected to do well now
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Five Stocks Poised to Take-off

The August 2015 issue of Wealth Insight is out now! It brings you analysis of 5 breakout stocks that are expected to do well now

Finding Value in InfrastructureIt's a fundamental axiom of investing that identifying stocks that are turning around bring windfall returns--far more than those that are steady in their growth and profitability. In the cover story of the Wealth Insight issue of August 2015, our analysts have identified five stocks that are poised for a breakout fuelled by a turnaround. Read a detailed analysis of why these stocks are great candidates for generating outsize returns.

Our interview of the month is with Vetri Subramaniam and Vinay Paharia, of Religare Invesco Mutual Fund. The two talk about how and where returns will be in the coming years, and what investors should do now.

This month, we are also continuing one of the most educational interviews investors will come across. Last month, we published brief excerpts from a talk with with Thomas Russo, Investment Manager at hedge funds Gardner Russo & Gardner and Semper Vic Partnerships. Starting this month, we are carrying the complete interview in three parts.

In Market Compass, read our analysis of companies with high sales returns--whose sales have to be reversed after being reported in the financials. Also read about the companies' dividend history--something which can tell investors a lot about the stock.

As we do every month, in Stock Analysts' Choice, we carry an updated analysis of how Wealth Insight's recommendations would have made you much more money than the Sensex. In Analyst's Diary, read an analysis of how the Sensex compares to other emerging market indices, and how this has changed over the years.

Our regular columnists are here in this issue, with some interesting comments on issues that will impact your investments: Saurabh Mukherjea compares the Sri Lankan and Indian experiences and finds the former to be superior, Sanjeev Pandiya shows how Indian companies avoid forex hedging and how this imposes a cost on the entire economy.Devangshu Datta visits the issue of passive investing and whether it makes sense in India, while Vivek Kaul has some interesting things to say about whether Indians are specially prone to the lure of Ponzi schemes.

And of course, we also have other regular features like Stock Ideas in the issue.

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