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Keep Faith in HDFC Equity

HDFC Equity hasn’t done well in the past year, but its long-term performance is too compelling to ignore...

I am currently investing in HDFC Equity, UTI Equity and IDFC Premier Equity. Will it be wise to move my investments from HDFC Equity to one or both of the other funds? I have noticed that the performance of HDFC Equity hasn’t been up to the mark in the last year.

Yes, you're right. HDFC Equity hasn’t done very well in the past year. However, it isn’t a fund that should be dumped. There have been occasions in the past when this fund hasn’t done well, but it has made a comeback with solid numbers. It is a conservatively-managed fund, and its long-term performance is too compelling to ignore. We still believe that HDFC Equity will do well, but it might not justify being the core holding of a portfolio. You should spread your money equally across all the three funds that you hold.

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