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JPMorgan Mutual Fund has a range of mutual funds for both retail & institutional investors…

This is JP Morgan’s second coming into India. The first time around, JP Morgan entered into a partnership with ICICI in 1996, which it exited in 1997. In 2007, this fund house started its India operations with two equity schemes, the India Equity Fund and the JP Morgan India Smaller Companies, which were interesting funds to start the operations. However, within months of launching these funds, the global financial crisis emerged which impacted the newly-launched AMC harder than several established peers.

The fund house has a full range of products that serve the needs of both retail and institutional investors and is on the threshold of achieving scale. Some of its international offerings are good ideas that offer diversification and options to investors looking to invest globally. For instance, the Greater China Equity Offshore Fund and the Asean Equity Fund have done well in recent times. The AMC has seen one half of a market cycle, which has not been the best phase to launch its business and funds, yet it has managed to hold its fort and has kept faith in its conviction to launch meaningful products.