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Gold Fund Taxation

Find out how gold mutual funds are taxed. Also see the funds you can invest in for 7-10 years…

I want to know about the taxation of gold mutual funds. Please also suggest some funds to invest in for 7-10 years.
-NK Saini

Gold mutual funds are treated as debt funds for the purpose of taxation. There is no STT paid on them. Short-term capital gains from these funds are added to your taxable income, while long-term capital gains are subject to either 10 per cent flat tax or 20 per cent after indexation.

Coming to your second query, for an investment horizon of 7-10 years, you can invest in funds like ICICI Prudential Top 100, UTI Equity, DSP BlackRock Equity and Birla Sun Life Equity. Invest in these funds regularly via the SIP route. More importantly, don’t lose heart in a falling market; continue investing through all market situations.

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