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Long-term investments in large- & mid-cap funds help tide over volatility & deliver potentially higher returns…

I have been investing in mutual funds for the past one year and plan to continue investing for the next 10. I currently invest in Fidelity Equity which I wish to replace with UTI Opportunities or DSPBR Top 100 Equity. Could you help select one of the two funds?
-Pramod Thayyilakandy

The two funds that you have selected fall into different equity categories. So you need to give careful thought as to what kind of a fund you are looking for. Since your investment tenure is long, you could look at an ‘Equity: Large & Mid Cap’ fund. Since the exposure to mid caps will be higher than with a pure large-cap fund, the risk would also be higher. However, the long time frame gives you that leeway to tide the volatility with the potential for better returns. Stick to a long tenure when investing in equity and do so systematically. You should also make it a practice to periodically check the performance of your funds to make changes where necessary.

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