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Corpus Building

To build a corpus, you should invest regularly & pick a large-cap fund instead of two multi-cap ones…

I am 26 and plan to invest in HDFC Top 200, Reliance Regular Savings Equity, DSPBR Equity and Birla Sun Life Dividend Yield Plus. How much investment in these funds will help me build a corpus of Rs 2.5 crore in 30 years?- Revati Raj

Fund Scheme  Category  Rating  3-yrs ret (%)  5-yrs ret (%)
BSL Dividend Yield Plus Mid & Small Cap ***** 22.52 15.66
DSPBR Equity Multi Cap **** 12.36 15.49
HDFC Top 200 Large & Mid Cap ***** 13.32 14.35
Reliance Regular Savings Equity Multi Cap **** 9.54 15.04
Return as on August 25, 2011, Ranking as on July, 2011

An investment of Rs 7,500 earning an anualised 12 per cent in 30 years will accumulate Rs 2.5 crore or Rs 3,570 if it earns an annualised 15 per cent in the same time. The funds that you have selected are all highly rated and good to invest in, however instead of two multi cap funds, you should consider adding a large cap fund instead such as ICICI Prudential Focused Bluechip Equity or Franklin India Bluechip. Invest regularly and track the performance of the funds you have invested in regularly because over such long tenures it is not necessary for a fund to continually have the best performance and you should consider changing funds in your portfolio if need be to better performing funds.

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