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Discontinuing SIPs

The only reasons to discontinue SIPs are when you need the money or your funds underperform…

I am new to mutual fund investing and have been investing for the past one year only. Going by the way the markets have reacted in recent times, should I continue my SIP investments in IDFC Premier Equity and DSPBR Top 100?- Suresh Krishna

Both the funds that you have invested have a proven track record and performance history. We can understand your concerns with the way the markets are moving, however, once you start an SIP investment, the only reason to discontinue investments or exit the fund is when you need the money or find better investments than the fund you are investing. You should continue your systematic investments regardless of what the overall market conditions are. Investing systematically and regularly you do not have to worry on market timing and average your investments over time without missing on opportunities. You should stay invested and review the progress of your investments at least once a year for any changes if necessary.

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