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Instead of a large-cap or large- and mid-cap fund, new investors should begin with SIPs in a balanced fund…

I am 29 and new to mutual fund investing. I want to invest through SIPs and wish to know if it is advisable to directly invest in large-cap and large & mid cap funds? Please suggest some funds that I can invest in to start?- Vinod Menon

For a new investor you should ideally start investing through SIPs in a balanced fund such as HDFC Prudence or HDFC Balanced. However, if you understand the risks associated with mutual fund investing; you can invest in large-cap funds such as Franklin India Bluechip, DSPBR Top 100 Equity or ICICI Pru Focused Bluechip and large- and mid-cap funds such as HDFC Top 200 or Fidelity Equity. All these funds are highly rated and have a proven track record and performance history to invest in. You should invest regularly in these funds and track its performance over time to make changes in fund selection if needed.

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