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A large-cap fund is more stable than a large- and mid-cap fund because of its investment mandate…

I want to know which among DSPBR Top 100, Franklin India Bluechip and UTI Opportunities is the best?- K Dutta

All the three funds that you mention are highly rated and have a proven track record and performance history. Your investment in mutual funds should be based on your investment need and how a fund can help you achieve your financial goal. A large-cap fund has more than 80 per cent of assets in large-cap companies over the past three years compared to large- and mid-cap funds that have 60-80 per cent of assets in large-cap companies over the past three years. This makes large-cap funds more stable in comparison to large- and mid-cap funds. Based on your risk taking ability you can invest in any of these three funds, but remember that a fund that performs well today may not be the best performer forever. It is thus important to track the performance of funds that you invest in to assess its progress.

Fund Scheme  Category  Rating  3-yrs ret (%)  5- yrs ret (%)
DSPBR Top 100 Large Cap ***** 16.49 19.15
Franklin India Bluechip Large cap ***** 18.97 17.16
UTI Opportunities Large & Mid Cap **** 22.6 18.63
Return as on July 18, 2011,Rating as on June, 2011

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